A detailed introduction to one of the most powerful web development tools

The modern web application is incredibly complex. With Javascript tools like React, Angular, CSS tools like Sass or Less, and HTML tools like pug, any web project is implementing a variety of libraries and technologies.

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All of these tools run on Javascript. In ECMAScript 2015+, you can separate your code into multiple files and import these files into your application when needed to use their functionality. For example, when building a React application you always write import React from 'react' at the top of each JS file.

This functionality isn’t built into browsers by default, so modern code bundlers were built to bring this capability in a couple forms: by asynchronously loading javascript as it’s needed, or by combining all the javascript into a single file that’s loaded via a <script> tag. …


Caelin Sutch

Entrepreneur, Software Developer, and Creative. Cofounder and COO of Bytes Robotics. Freshmen at UC Berkeley in the MET Program

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