Designs systems are an incredible tool for creating reusable, systemized, and cohesive designs for any application. Companies like Airbnb, Uber, and IBM have drastically revitalized the way they design products by utilizing the collection of reusable components and designs standards that change the pace of innovation and creation.

While many companies have brand guidelines and other documents that they consider “Design Systems”, these small collections of components or code snippets, they’re missing many of the elements that make Design Systems so powerful.

What is a design system

A design system is a collection of reusable UI components, code snippets, design guidelines, philosophies, and other digital…

If you haven’t I recommend reading part 1 here.

It’s been almost two days since I started building PomoCat, a open source and built in public Pomodoro and todo list app. In the last couple days, I’ve accomplished a few key objectives:

  1. Setup the design system
  2. Finish mobile designs
  3. Create a database diagram
  4. Setup the monorepo
  5. Start backend development

Various Links

Since this whole project is public, you can access any file mentioned with the links here:

Design System (Figma)

Mobile Designs (Figma)

Database Diagram

Github Repo

Creating a design system

If you don’t know what a design system is, it’s a combination of a component…

As a celebration of my first year of college ending (I’m in the MET program at UC Berkeley), I decided it’s about time I truly build something in public, so for the next couple weeks I’ll be building PomoCat, a cross platform Pomodoro timer/todo-list completely in public. I’ll also be open sourcing all the code and documenting the process as I go.

In general, building projects has been a great way for me to pick up new skills and technologies (I highly recommend building things this summer for all those other students out there), and I’m looking forward to sharing…

At it’s core, user interface design is meant to make a users experience on an application seamnless, effortless, and enjoyable. While much comes with experience, seeing how users react to different designs or layouts, or research, there are some common tips and tricks that can help you get started.

Throughout my time designing applications for clients and working with and leading teams of designers, I’ve found common issues that junior designers I’ve worked with encounter. …

At this point in 2021, we’ve started to see some key design trends emerge from across the internet. The constantly evolving field of UI/UX requires any good designer to constantly be on top of the latest and greatest trends to create designs that not only look good, but are relevant to today’s design literature.

I’ve compiled a list of some design trends that I’ve seen become popular around the web and have written a quick summary of what they are, and what they mean for designers.

3D Design

Tools like Spline have made it easier for designers to quickly create 3D graphics…

Agile, one of the hottest project management philosophies, has long been criticized for being too structured and process focused to drive any real productivity improvements. In the Forbes Insights report, only 47% of executives believe they will see sustainable value from their Agile transformations.

The hesitation of teams to adopt Agile seem to derive from a series of myths and miscommunications about the true purpose of Agile, and issues in adopting the practice to real engineering teams.

Photo by Eden Constantino on Unsplash

Central Planning is Still a Tenement of Agile

When working with Agile, engineering teams often seem to think this means no central architect determining some large overarching plan. …

No matter what’s on your todo list, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless amount of work you have to do. It can be hard to stay focused on finishing todo list items, especially in today’s always busy world.

Whether you procrastinate, fall victim to distractions, or straight up forget things, these techniques can help you stay focused and accomplish more each day.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

All About Productivity Techniques

A productivity technique is a method or process that helps you stay focused and accomplish more throughout your day. …

As a software developer, it’s often to describe the happiness that comes from finding some fun or useful command line tools online. I’ve been compiling a list of my favorites from around the internet, and thought it time to impart my knowledge of tons of useful (and useless) CLI tools that make my days a little better.

Photo by Florian Olivo on Unsplash


Ever looking for the perfect emoji but can’t think of its name? …

If you’re a web developer, you probably have tens of projects on your computer, each with its own node_modules folder that’s sucking up space on your hard drive.

Not only is this an organized person's nightmare (thousands of repeated folders and files that aren’t being used), it can also be a serious space concern for those with smaller hard drives. The average node_modules folder takes 200MB, if you have 50 projects on your hard drive, that’s 10GB of node_modules that provide no value to you!

Thankfully, the wonderful developers of the open-source community have created a tool to rid us…

Management and leadership has no set handbook, it’s often something you’re thrown into and have to learn on the job. The longer you lead a team, the more skills you pick up on being an effective manager. We’ve compiled a list of 5 huge leadership failures that you may be making, and tips on recognizing and avoiding them.

Photo by Joshua Hibbert on Unsplash

1. Failing to recognize unique strengths

Each person on your team will have truly unique intrinsic motivations. Understanding what exactly motivates each person is critical to driving success and efficiency across a team.

For some, this may be receiving praise from management, others it may be compensation, titles…

Caelin Sutch

Passionate about building cool shit. First-year undergrad student studying EECS and Business @ UC Berkeley MET Software developer at Carline.

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